foundations for self-defense

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Lisa Davis and Nancy Knop, PhD
Lisa Davis and Nancy Knop, PhD

About the instructor

Lisa Davis

Lisa has over 30 years experience as a Police Officer and a Marine. She retired from the Minneapolis Police Department in 2015 after over 25 years on the force. She helped to create a culture of health and high performance in her organizations and has taught Defensive Tactics and Use of Force to officers for over 25 years. Lisa is passionate about self-defense and has taught self defense classes in person for several decades. She was presented the Excellence in Performance Award from the Minnesota Association for Women Police and received the Officer of the Year Award by the International Association for Women Police that same year.

Nancy Knop, PhD

Dr. Knop has worked in higher education, health, fitness and wellness for over 30 years. For 18 years Nancy coached collegiate track & field and cross-country allowing her the opportunity to work and learn from some amazing athletes at various Division I, II, and III colleges around the country. Most recently Nancy completed a 17-year tenure as a professor in Health and Human Kinetics at Ohio Wesleyan University focused on understanding the role intentional movement can play in supporting injury prevention, long-term functional fitness, and overall lifetime well-being. Her work involved integrating the science of performance-based physical training and applying it to populations who represent a full range of abilities and needs. Nancy currently holds certification as an Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Exercise Specialist with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), a Kirpalu yoga instructor, a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 and 2 certified professional. She has also held certification as an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Health Fitness Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer. As a faculty member she focused on finding ways to create environments where students are challenged to be creative, learn critical thinking skills and demonstrate these skills in progressively more complex environments.

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What's included?

20 Videos
8 Texts
4.0 hrs