Movement Reboot: 8 Weeks to a More Functional Body

Create practices to support a more functional body. This course is appropriate for anyone (re)starting an exercise program or athletes who are dealing with pain or limited function and need a "reset"



8 lessons that cover foundational awareness, tactical and fitness skills to support safety and self-defense. Taught by a 30 year veteran police officer and professor of health and human kinetics.

Foundations of High Performance

Explore principles and practices of High Performing individuals and teams. Get clear on what you care about and create practices to support outcomes you desire.

Foundations of Tactical Fitness

A 16 week fitness program for Law Enforcement students. Supports foundational fitness and tactical skills.

Learn to Run

Think you hate running? Think again. With a thoughtful progressive program, you too can run, and ENJOY running.

Foundations of Functional Movement

Foundational elements of a progressive and sequential exercise program aimed at supporting functional movement. Includes a 16 week program.